Juvenile Law

In Maryland, individuals under the age of 18 who are charged with any criminal offense or any jailable traffic offense must have their cases adjudicated in the Juvenile Court. There are some exceptions that may apply including some of the most serious crimes including Murder and First Degree Rape. There are many important differences between Juvenile Court and adult court. For example, in adult court, the emphasis is on punishment and accountability; in Juvenile Court, the emphasis is on Rehabilitation. In adult court, the Defendant may be found either “Guilty” or “Not Guilty;” in Juvenile Court, the Respondent may be found “Involved” or “Not Involved.”

Since the emphasis in Juvenile Court is on Rehabilitation, in many cases, there is an opportunity to have a Juvenile ‘s record destroyed or sealed to prevent that record from becoming a negative factor in future educational or employment opportunities. Many cases in Juvenile Court are resolved in a way favorable to a child prior to trial through various diversion programs and community service. Mr. Kudel has represented hundreds of juveniles during the past 36 years and he has the necessary knowledge and experience to obtain a result that provides the juvenile client and his family with peace of mind and the chance to lead a normal and productive life.