Personal Injuries: Brain Injuries and Trucking Accidents

Personal Injury

Mr. Kudel’s firm, Karp, Wigodsky, Norwind, Kudel & Gold represents individuals who have been injured or who have suffered accidental death. The causes include, but are not limited to, automobile accidents; wrongful death; motorcycle accidents and premises liability accidents (slip and fall). The partners have over 130 years of combined experience in the area of Personal Injury and Negligence Law. Although each case result depends upon a variety of factors unique to each case, and no outcome can ever be guaranteed, the Firm has successfully handled thousands of cases for over 35 years, providing injured individuals and surviving families with settlements and verdicts, in some cases exceeding several million dollars.

Brain Injuries

The Firm has a wealth of experience in the area of Brain Injuries, especially related to injuries that occur in the hospital setting. The Firm has successfully settled and litigated cases involving Infant, Children and Adult Brain Injuries; other forms of hospital and medical negligence and malpractice; Wrongful Death and Medical Misdiagnosis. The litigation in these cases is often the most complex in our justice system and, for over 35 years, the Firm has continued to excel by producing results which meet and often exceed the expectations of our clients.

Trucking Accidents

Over the 35 years of its existence, the Firm has focused and developed a successful practice representing victims of trucking accidents. That focus has produced many substantial settlements and verdicts on behalf of individuals who have been seriously injured or killed in accidents with tractor trailers, delivery vehicles and other large commercial motor vehicles. Two of the Firm’s five Partners, Ron Karp and Lee Norwind, have successfully litigated or settled trucking cases with verdicts in excess of one million dollars.